Category: Market Analysis

Goldman Sachs Hedge Fund Industry VIP ETF Outperforming Since Pandemic

Can long-only strategies based on 13-F filings outperform the market? We are taking a closer look at one ETF that tries to do just that.

8 November 2021 |
 Dmitri Alexeev

Managed Futures Q3 Performance Review

2021 is a year when many people have begun to enjoy a return to something like ‘normal’ life after the difficulties of 2020. And it certainly appeared like that for a while in financial markets – until recently – as many sectors bounced back and hedge fund strategies did well.

26 October 2021 |
 Dmitri Alexeev

H1 2021 Hedge Fund Strategy Performance Review

The equities keep charging forward as the first half of 2021 comes to a close, and hedge fund strategies performance in H1 seems to correlate to the amount of equites they hold. However, on Risk-Adjusted basis the picture is not so obvious.

27 July 2021 |
 Dmitri Alexeev

Managed Futures vs. Inflation

Commodities have traditionally been an inflation hedge, and with growing concerns over rising prices expressed by many, including yours truly, we wanted to take a look at how managed futures strategies are doing in the current environment.

30 June 2021 |
 Dmitri Alexeev

Commodities Lead The Managed Futures Pack In 2021 To Date

Commodity Managers are outperforming in the CTA pack of Nilsson Hedge indices through April 2021.

6 May 2021 |
 Dmitri Alexeev

Q1 2021 Hedge Fund Strategy Performance Dominated By Crypto

The Crypto funds have experienced an explosion in performance and AUM in 2020. They appear to continue the winning trend into Q1 of 2021.

12 April 2021 |
 Dmitri Alexeev

Venture Capital Continues to Shine

The Venture Capital Index performance by TR / DSCQ continues to justify the “smart money” title

8 February 2021 |
 Dmitri Alexeev

Crypto Hedge Funds Dominate 2020 Best Performers List

The Crypto funds have experienced an explosion in performance and AUM in 2020. Will these trends continue?

11 January 2021 |
 Dmitri Alexeev

Managed Futures Outperform In The Fourth Quarter Of A U.S. Election Year

It appears that CTAs tend to outperform in the last quarter of US Presidential Election years. Will this effect hold true in 2020?

23 November 2020 |
 Dmitri Alexeev

International Markets Review and Hints for 2021

It may be difficult to believe but the year 2020 is almost over. We are reviewing a number of international stock market indices in search for hints in 2021.

12 October 2020 |
 Dmitri Alexeev