Category: Multi Asset Class

AlphaBot Webinar: Volatility and Options Trading as an Asset Class

Join Vishal Olson (Holson Asset Management), Kambiz Kazemi (Financiere Constance) and Timothy Jacobson (Pearl Capital Advisors) for an exciting discussion of benefits, risks, and investor tips when researching and investing in volatility and options based strategies. Moderated by Dmitri Alexeev, Ph.D. (AlphaBot)

31 August 2020 |
 Dmitri Alexeev

AlphaBot Webinar: Risk Premia – Dead, Alive, Reinvented?

Matt Brown, MSR Indices and Jonathan Webb, C8 Technologies, taking a look at the current state of the art of Risk Premia solutions. Moderated by Dmitri Alexeev, Ph.D., AlphaBot.

18 August 2020 |
 Dmitri Alexeev

Are Crypto Currencies Converging with Equities?

There is a noticeable and unprecedented trend of increasing correlations between crypto and equity markets.

24 July 2020 |
 Dmitri Alexeev

Some Managed Futures Programs Can Make Gains In Rising Equity Markets

We repeat our filtering to find CTAs that are performing well YTD through April by using Nilsson Hedge database.

27 May 2020 |
 Dmitri Alexeev

Managed Futures ETFs Enjoy Strong 2020 But Closures Suggest Lack Of Adoption

How do Managed Futures ETFs compare to SG CTA Mutual Fund Index? Quite decently, in fact, read more for details.

19 May 2020 |
 Dmitri Alexeev