Consultant or Advisor

Become a critical link between clients and providers!

  • Connect to potential and existing clients and provide them with direct access to your best vehicles, research notes, and DDQs
  • Demonstrate value added of your offerings using investor-specific settings and benchmarks
  • Еstablish direct contact with managers and providers to enhance investment research
  • Access thousands of instruments to build client-specific scenarios and solutions

30 days free, then $299/month

Become a critical connecting link between your clients and investment providers. Provide clients and investors with instant performance updates, research notes or market analysis. Build solutions, portfolios and use benchmarks tailored to specific investor’s needs. Connect to investment managers and service providers to find the best possible solutions for your clients. Research and compare possibilities across asset classes, databases, and platforms to deliver ultimate results to your clients.

  • 30 day risk-free trial (no CC required)
  • Complimentary subscription to NilssonHedge Database with 2500+ CTAs (QEP investors only)
  • White-labeled report generator with your logo included
  • Document Sharing features included
  • Free access to performance of thousands of benchmarks, ETFs, Mutual Funds, and Crypto-Currencies