Research Analyst

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  • Re-focus your workflow from spreadsheets to analysis
  • Subscribe to leading industry databases with a couple clicks
  • Model, compare, and build portfolios across multiple asset classes
  • Find instruments with desired properties in seconds
  • Get performance updates, news, and market reviews directly from managers and service providers

30 days free, then $199/month

AlphaBot is a unique tool for investors allowing to free up to 90% of time usually spent on collecting, organizing, and preparing data for analysis. Use all that time on finding the next best investment. Ultimate data friendliness, support of multiple return frequencies, asset class independence, integrated document management and sharing all contribute to dramatically increasing effectiveness of your research process and allow you to focus on what matters most - finding the next best investment.

  • 30 day risk-free trial (no CC required)
  • Complimentary subscription to NilssonHedge Database with 2500+ CTAs (QEP investors only)
  • Document Sharing features included
  • Free access to performance of thousands of benchmarks, ETFs, Mutual Funds, and Crypto-Currencies