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Plan Features (mouse over for details) Reporter Analyst Manager Allocator
Professional NetworkingFind, contact, and communicate with other users (investors, managers, data and service providers).
Data ManagementCreate your own data streams, import data, create peer groups or watch lists.
Data SharingExchange data directly with other users while staying in full control over who and how can see it.
Document ManagementUpload and manage your documents (pdf, Excel, Word, PowerPoint etc), and link them to instruments and other items for quick and convenient access.
DataMart AccessBrowse and search AlphaBot’s growing Instrument Universe to find instruments that you are interested in and request or purchase access to data from Managers, Platforms, and Data Vendors.
Analytics SuiteUse Benchmark Comparison, Performance Splicer, Efficient Frontier, Peer Group Analysis and other sophisticated tools to analyze and compare instruments and vehicles.
Portfolio CreatorModel your allocations by creating proforma portfolios in seconds, using multiple modes from simple buy-and-hold strategy to complex allocation methods, adjust fees for individual instruments and overall portfolio, play with leverage and short positions when applicable.
DataMart ListingBecome instantly visible to other network participants by placing your company’s logo in DataMart and attract other users from allocators to service providers.
API AccessAutomate data updates from your internal systems into your AlphaBot account.
Report GeneratorInstantly create, save, and share professionally designed reports from analytical tools such as Benchmark Comparison or Portfolio Creator.
TX Execution*Connect with participating providers and create allocations directly from AlphaBot! Monitor performance of your investments on individual provider and aggregated basis (based on performance reported by the providers*).
Plan Cost** Free $49/month $99/month $159/month
Free Trial Period Unlimited 30 days 30 days 30 days
Plan Description Ideal for reporting performance data to potential and existing clients. Free to use. Includes all analytical tools: Benchmark Comparison, Peer Group Analysis, Portfolio Creator and much more. Inlcudes DataMart listing - making you instantly visible to potential clients. Allows automation of data sharing process. Includes all available features of AlphaBot including all analytical tools, DataMart Listing, Report Generator, and TX Execution*.
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* Requires TX provider's approval
** Optional purchases of data subscriptions through DataMart are not included in the plan cost.

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I am a Qualified Entity/Investor (such as a QEP per CFTC Rule 4.7) or an Accredited Investor:

a) Own securities and other investments with a market value of at least $2,000,000.
b) Have or have had an account open with a futures commission merchant at any time during the preceding six month period (along with $200,000 or more initial margin and option premiums for commodity interest transactions).
c) Own a portfolio comprised of a combination of the funds or property specified in (a) and (b) in which the sum of the funds or property includable under (a), expressed as a percentage of the minimum amount required thereunder, and the amount of futures margin and option premiums includable under (b), expressed as a percentage of the minimum amount required thereunder, equals at least one hundred percent (an example of a portfolio acceptable under this paragraph would consist of U.S. $1,000,000 in securities and other property and U.S. $100,000 in exchange-specified initial margin and option premiums).
d) Otherwise qualify as a QEP.
I would like my visibility in DataMart be restricted to QEPs (Qualified or Accredited Investors) only (for plans with DataMart Listing)
I am located in a European country that is subject to AIMFD restrictions on distribution and marketing of investment products

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Barclay Hedge Benchmarks - a set of Alternative Investment Benchmarks
Morningstar Open Indexes - a popular set of Equity Market Indexes
CryptoCurrencies - performance of leading cryptocurrencies

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